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Carnifex (CA) 2009 Featured Interview With Scott Lewis

  • Your band is on the road pretty much constantly, but describe for us life in San Diego when you're home. In 2008 we played just over 280 shows in about 20 countries. Being that busy gets fairly tiring and so the days off we did have we just decompressed. We’re lucky enough to live just a few min from the beach so I try to spend as much time there as I can. Thankfully it’s still warm enough in the winter to get some beach time in. And we have also begun writing for our next album which is something we didn't have time to do in the past. Before we would have about 4 weeks before the studio and bang it out like that, which isn't the most fun nor best way to write a record. This time around were taking plenty of time with the writing process and we can already see the huge improvements.
  • California has been quite the hotbed for not only crossover incarnations of death metal like Carnifex play, but also experimental and brutal death like Decrepit Birth and the like. It used to be Florida. Montreal has always had it going on. What happened to the youth in Cali to make them so obsessed with the style? That's an interesting question to answer. Living in Southern California kind of lends itself to a competitive lifestyle and I think that comes across with the music scene too. There are so many talented musicians and bands that everyone always trying to one-up everyone else. Whether that's with a faster drummer, heavier riffs or more technical elements. It’s that push for more extreme that has caused this trend of bands from the LA, Riverside and San Diego area to get noticed.
  • Do comparisons to Black Dahlia Murder bother you much? What is your relationship with that band, if any? Short answer, no. Everyone in that band is a fan of Black Dahlia and we are also fans of the bands that influence them. So with the combination of those two things, being influenced by Dahlia and also Dissection, Carcass, Dying Fetus from time to time there are similarities. We have shared the stage with them and we all got along great. From the short time we hung out they all seemed like down to earth regular metal dudes.
  • How difficult has touring become since gas prices skyrocketed? We, like everyone else felt the hit of the higher expense but we kept on rolling in spite of it. Luckily the prices are starting to fall again which is nice, hopefully that continues.
  • Can you offer some stories of tooth-and-nail survival on the road? It always seems like every time we turn around there is some type of mechanical problem to deal with. It’s the van, its the trailer, the gear. It’s an ongoing process of keeping up with everything that goes into turning full time. We just try and stay on top of it and stay a step ahead.
  • Do conspiracies interest any of you? If so, which ones? What appeals to you about them? Definitely, I think everyone can get into a good mystery or conspiracy. There a lot of disturbing things happening with the US government right now that you would rather not believe just because there so unsettling.
  • While I understand Carnifex is not a political band, how competent do you find your government to be? How could it be improved, if at all? That is a huge question, we aren't a political band and personally I'm undereducated to answer to many questions about politics and government related stuff. But as with any citizen I always see things that seem like they could be handled better. As for the process to actually fix those things I wouldn’t know the first thing about that.
  • Does your latest album symbolize or signify anything socially or demographically? Who are "The Diseased and The Poisoned?" Yes it does in a round about way. There are people that you come across in life that are where they are because of uncontrollable circumstances and then there are people that choose to ignore the signs of bad choices and progress on there decent into hardship and pain. The lyrics represent those two different views. From the eyes of someone who chooses pain and the eyes of a person who is there unwillingly and trying to escape.
  • With the advent of Myspace and now Facebook, the reality of groupies has become all the more encompassing and inescapable. Some bands find "scene sluts" deplorable, and stay in their van playing handheld video games, reading books, and jerking to online porn. Others take full advantage of the platters of sin offered to them. Where does Carnifex fit in amidst the highly sexually-charged deathcore scene and its rabid fans? I guess we don't fit in. Everyone in the band is older, we range in age from 24 to 30 so personally were all past that time in your life where getting laid is the only thing on your mind. I have a longtime girlfriend that keeps me occupied. Plus, we all take are music very seriously and rather then trying to impress girls that know nothing about our type of music the guys would rather be warming up, changing strings or jamming new riffs in the back.
  • What is your stance on pornography? Are there only pros, or also cons? It’s not really something I'm interested in. It doesn't seem to be something that ever comes up too much.
  • How do you guys stay healthy on the road, if health is at all an issue for you? Health is a big issue on the road. Being onstage every night and putting on an interesting, non-stop show for 30 minutes gets strenuous. We try and eat healthy but at 2am after we have loaded out from a venue the options are kinda limited. Everyone has a small workout routine that we each try and maintain. Some weeks were more dedicated then others.
  • Discuss certain bands, scenes, or musicians whose influence may have gone unnoticed over the years but who have had a very real impact on you. Black metal has been a huge influence to me personally. It was the first type of extreme music I was exposed too. Bands such as Cradle of Filth, Dissection, Immortal and Emperor have always been at the top of my list. I'm sure to black metal purist they hear none of that influence in our music but it’s a type of music I’ve always loved and had a connection with.
  • What has your relationship been like working with Victory Records thus far? Can you offer any good Tony stories? So far, so good. We just tour and let them put the record in stores. All we ask of them is to keep it in stores and available to the fans. That's about as far as it goes with us.
  • Are you guys beefing with anyone at the moment who deserves to be called out? Please discuss. Haha no, we’re low key dudes.
  • Any of you guys big readers? Drop some book recommendations and knowledge on us. I'm a big fan of John Grisham. He writes law-based fiction. Various stories about lawyers and the interesting cases they handle. I'm sure it sounds boring as hell but its good stuff, check it out if you’re down for some heavy reading.
  • Plug your friends, friends' bands, and cool small businesses here. Many people will read this. A excellent progressive death metal band to check out from San Diego is Burning The Masses. We go way back with those dudes, we did our first 2 tours together and they just put out a new full length. Cattle Decapitation, another mainstay from the San Diego death metal ranks just put out a new record and it slays, make sure you support both those bands.