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Attack Attack "We're not a Christian band"


Well, yeah, didn't you know? That if you listen to non-christian music, it has messages from the devil telling you to eat babies and murder old women. I only eat christian cows and chickens. I don't want devil meat in me!
you are so ignorant. just because someone feels passionate about something you find it necessary to shit on their beliefs? real cool dude.
Dumbass he was using sarcasm.
this boy is gay and the hardcore scene is so fuking saturated and excuse me but that suck!
lol i heard some escape the fate in the background :D
Early Metalcore was way too serious... there's not even a breakdown back then. Just playing some riffs with constant changing keys. though, dropped C tunings (or lower) were more favored than the commonly used dropped D nowadays. but enough on that. same question asked twice only differently? while some band is playing? what does the interviewer expect? like "some chick messed me up" or "my life sucks"?. and then expanding on that? what the hell man. gimme a break
You ONLY listen to Christian music? wow, close-minded much?
No not closed minded just keeping straight on what is pure im not going to say im a christian then go listen to IWABO it just proves what truly most false christians say to be. So if i wanna be viewed as a christian and not a hypocrite i listen to christian music..
Worst interview I've ever painfully viewed
Man these interviewers are horrible! Who chose those retards!? They are stumblin around studdering, having the hardest time trying to get their questions across. I kinda feel bad the the kid bein interviewed by thesel unprofessional dousche bags. Granted the kid's answers sucked as well. Regardless Attack Attack's music is Awesome! Maybe we can all pitch in and sign these guys up for Speech 101 and public speaking? Perhaps CSB? Who's in? LoL ~Rookie
Definitely not a Christian band. Go to... It will explain a whole lot more than I feel like typing.
crabcore is embarrassing
I love the sound of AA but man that interview was.....bad. Im glad hes out I just hope the rest of the band stays together.
This guy almost made me loose all respect for Attack Attack!. He seems like he does drugs and all of that. He makes it sound like him and all the band grabs some cigarettes and smokes to relax. He needs to think before he speaks. I am very Christian guy. He makes it sound like just one or two people of the band are Christian. I only listen to Christian music and I'm still deciding if I should listen to the or not. If you people want a good Christian Heavy Metal band, Check out The Devil Wears Prada. Awesome Christian band, lyrics are Christians based too.
hahaha so heavy.
man youre a faggot
I'll start by saying that I like Attack Attack!'s sound. I like genre-blending, and I like the sudden tempo and style changes. That said, this guy makes them seem like just another bunch of punks trying to make a buck. "Our lyrics are Christian-based but all of us in the band are not Christians and we do not claim to be a Christian band"? "It's just people need to have a hope in mind with stuff"? Besides the fact that this guy needs a course in grammar, what do these lines tell me? That there's no heart. These guys don't mean what they say. Maybe the member with the lyrical power does, but what of the other members who aren't on the same wavelength spiritually? Like the guy in this interview? Poser, Fake, Money-Grabber. But some other posts say that he's out. Maybe the rest of the guys will get real.
fuck that christian bullshit, who the fuck cares what their songs are about? so what if its about the bible, the bible is a goddamn book. whats the difference in jefferson airplane singing about alice in wonderland? riddle me that bible thumpers
jefferson singing in wonderland was made by ignorant humans just like yourself whoever posted that. and unlike you, some ppl care about the meanings of songs. so get crunk and msg back.
I have something to say to you I don't know who old you are or how "wise" but you seem like you have no Idea what your talking about, "fuck the Christian" fuck you, you sound like a little punk, and I think you need to crawl under a hole and DIE, JERK. and that's me saying that , a 15 year, so think before you type you DUMB ASS
Yeah, And I'm 2 months away from being 19, and I say that not being a Christian band is no fucking excuse to write a band off like that. I don't want to have to go to a show and get the gospel shoved down my fucking throat when all I want to do is listen to music and/or mosh a bit. I've had to deal with that enough in my own nowhere-town local scene, and it sucks ass. And in case you all want to know, the reason they have Christian lyrics is because their first vocalist, Austin Carlile, was a Christian and wrote the lyrics. There. They're not trying to ride the Christian Metal fad, shit just happened that way.
i love how escape the fate is playing "the flood" in the background :D <3333
Personally, I'm glad that Nick's oiut of the band. And I caught the part where he said that all of them as a BAND weren't Christians. So, I'm guessing some of them are and that's why they don't cuss or have sexual stuff in their music and why their lyrics are "Christian based".
Check their twitter posts, they curse in most all of them, I'm beginning to question if any member of the band is a Christian.
This is horrible. Wow.
So, I've followed the hole "aa sucks balls shit" or "they should stop what their doing" oh and the "the give HxC kids a bad name" and all that jazz is just so fucking retated. And not putting them down because i actually like them. So what if they have "christain-based lyrics" Its the fact that, Austins words are still being heard. So yeah, thank god Nicks out..but how you all just sit around and talk shit about people you dont even know based on some interview. People will say what they say...oh well, get the fuck over it... When they come out with their next album, we'll see how they do, and Im sure they'll stomp on balls and kick face more than usuall. [yeah i talk funny] Attack! attack! brought a sound to the table that no one really has. gives a shit about Autotune. a lot of bands use it...if you really listen, you'll hear it...Your all sitting here getting mad because Nick sound like a little girl, OH WELL! why do you think he not in the band anymore. Im pretty sure...that because they have what they have, you their dream as someone stated earlier..or you know..doing whta they love...your all just prolly upset that you could do it fist. so kick rock and suck balls. dont talk shit if you dont know shit. -peac&&sweet Beonka.
dude/chick......... im not being a dick but what ever u are.......... i love your passion and your mindset on standing up for things........... i too believe yeah nick fucked up....... hey we all do..... and that mabey his outlook on the band was differant than the rest and he is out of the band for it but be cause there was space made because of error then that means they have all that much room to improve! :) i love your belief in stand on for someone or something............. ATTACK ATTACK! ROCKS FUCK YEAH "H3Ad BaNnGuRR WhORR3" forever!
what a fat, fat, fat, fuckkkk.
what a fat, fat, fat, fuckkkk.
nick's a fucking tool. does he listen to himself talk? thank good he's out of the band. he's like secretly trying to talk mad shit about austin without saying it. i have no respect for aa.
ok, don't get me wrong, i love attack attack! but seriously, this guy in the video... i really hope he doesn't speak for the whole band. i mean, one of the main reasons why i like em so much, is their lyrics... i am a Christian, and i'm not afraid to say so.. but, here's the thing, you can't mix "the world" with the values of Christianity... until i saw this video, i wasn't sure where they stood on faith, and God... what i see now is a band who thinks that just singing about God and and writing lyrics that aren't derogatory, or don't have cuss words in them makes them a Christian band... WRONG!! i still like the band because of their music, but i won't be able to look at them the same way after hearing it first hand from them. all i hear is f*** this sh** that, and to say the least, that's not the Christian life style. when you're in the public eye, especially as a band, u gotta be careful what you say and what you do... the Bible says "you will know them (followers of Christ) by their actions"... these guys either need to get their heads on straight and start walking the walk and not just talking the talk OR quit writing christian lyrics and just go all secular, because there is no sitting on the fence, it's one side or the other... srry i wrote a book here, but this is how i feel bout attack attack though, i do hope i'm wrong, maybe it was jst the guy in the video... but whatever.
the bible says"you will know them by their love" not action. And i agree with you dude (or dudette) Just read the lyrics to stick stickly where it says "This is the best Part of the message And it only took one We live for what He's worth and that's more than you'll know He died for what He loved and what He loved was you" If thats not the love of Christ i dont know what is. AA is great and im glad Nick is gone.
dude is dumb. Shit was embarrassing to watch.
This guy sounds like a fuckin idiot
lol i listen to this kind of music but im not a scene kid or look anything like one. you would never guess i listen to this music. so stfu about your narrowmindedness. not everyone who listens to a certain type of music HAS to look and dress similar to it.
I totally agree.
the reason i dont like the band is the following statement how has the scene changed bands used to have black shirts now they have bright shirts statement two are there any movements youd like to give a shout out too crab core get educated this is why our world sucks
Best band ever. they invented hardcore, right?
These guys fucken suck, hard.
I always thought these guys sucked. This has increased my feelings tenfold. Marketing has always been a part of music? What a fucking douchebag sellout asshole. Stop ruining music.
lol ... temporary fad... that is all
this kid is a fucking retard
I agree with the dude above me. people need to shut up about hating a band. your taste in music isnt the best there is. everyone's has the right to like what they want. I personally like it because of the heavy guitars and great screaming and its contrast with the electronic parts and auto-tune, and because of the christian lyrics, they're way deeper than most screamo bands out there who just curse alot and offer no type of lyrical insight. this new lead singer is a tool though. he's didn't have anything to do with the creative process of the album so you shuldn't really judge the band based on him.
i recently got into Attack Attack! and i love this band. their breakdowns are sick. plus i love the use of they keys too. lyrics are awesome. love this band! and if you don't like them, then why are you commenting on a vid about them? if you don't care then don't waste your time trying to start crap. yes some people like this kind of music. and if you don't well then okay thats fine. we all freaking different. don't tell us that our music sucks, b/c maybe we don't like what you listen too either. so stop trying to start crap just b/c you don't like the band. leave us all alone, let us listen to our music! its out lives don't tell us who to listen too!!!!
In all honest truth, everybody here who has shit talked attack attack! i would seriously start slapping your self across the face, becuase all you mother fuckers are a bunch of shit talking bastards. attack attack has progressed the genre! i bet you anything that everyone who has hate commented this band in this blog has 1, no band or musical talents, 2. is so jeaulus about the fact there so fuckin badass, and 3. you have no life. so all you dudes who think you know so muchhh about the scene and about hardcore.. you dont! you all are stuck in this little fuckin box. you cant accept the fact that music actually progresses, and attack attack! has definently progressed the genre. enough said, you all are just haters, and stuck up little wanna be hardcore kids. and please, leave the scene kids alone, there only but human, just like your grandma and your mom, or your dad, well thats if you even have either or; now a days its rare to find a kid that has had a stable upbringing from a mother and a father. because ive read all of these hate comments, and to tell you the truth, you all lack an incredible amount of respect, for music, and for the people. so go learn some.
!. I am in a band that is touring and has just released its second album. 2. I'm not jealous at all, I'm astounded at the stupidity of todays youth. Scene kids bitch about kids that listen to rap because they say its all a marketing scheme... Well, thats exactly what this shit is! 3. I do in fact have a life and am livin it pretty large with our album sales putting us in top sellers. But keep spewing your verbal diarrhea, you vaginal, blood-fart.
just go suck a scene core dick your stupid shit head
1. im in a band and have been playing guitar/bass for 6 years and drums for about a year. so i can tell you as a musician that these guy do in fact suck giant balls. 2.wearing tight pants/swoop hair cuts are SOOOO bad ass. they look like a bunch oh goons. 3. AA is FAAAR from hardcore. AA has done nothing for hardcore except make a mockery of what it is about. breakdowns and colorful t-shirts dont make a band hardcore. in conclusion, this band is just another generic scene band that just needs to go away.
holy lol.
Who gives a fuck if they are "Christian" or not? They are badass and when I saw them on the Shed till your Dead tour and they kicked my ass and nobody cared about their fucking religion..